Your article is a very good analysis of the problem, but perhaps the proposed early-stage solutions are less than practical, for a wide variety of reasons the most obvious two being (i) the impossibility of meaningful extrapolation beyond a few months, and (ii) the inherent conflict between the profit-seeking goal of any company and the notion that it should self-limit in order to be socially responsible.

It is apparent that representative democracy is utterly unfit for purpose in such a complex world, so it is probable that only after rejecting this systemically flawed approach in order to utilize more beneficial approaches can we move on to consider other aspects of the problem.

Finally, of course, there are a great many classes of problem for which no meaningful solution is possible, and it may well be that avoiding self-extermination is one of these problems. Our ape-brains are hardwired for existence in small groups on the African savannah and the primordial forests of Eurasia; they are incapable of dealing with the accidental complexity created by modern technologies (which were created by a tiny number of clever people, but are used by billions of folk who have zero conception of how anything works).

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