Your persistent research is admirable. What it seems to reveal, perhaps without you being aware of it, is how absolutely unsuitable representative democracy is as a system of governance. As Germany discovered, good people can very easily be persuaded to support very bad things - and believe they are doing good even as the evil unfolds right in front of them. Good people who have empty brains can be persuaded by any nonsense because they lack the knowledge necessary to detect lies and evaluate impossible promises. Good people, in short, are the road to hell. Which is why ordinary decent but wholly unqualified people should never be permitted any sort of say in the governance of the nation. Only those who take the time and make the effort necessary to acquire at least the most basic comprehension of fundamental knowledge - and can then demonstrate this knowledge to an adequate standard - should be permitted to have any involvement in the development and selection of policies at any level, be it city, state, or national. Sadly we will continue to believe nonsense about "coming together" and "healing the divide" and totally fail to address the fundamental issue: that representative democracy is hopelessly unfit for purpose. Liberal or conservative are irrelevant concepts compared to this core defect.

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