You’re absolutely correct: modern technologies merely amplify fundamental human behaviors. The reason people gravitate towards simple-minded ideas is precisely because the ideas are simple. Our tiny brains evolved under conditions of scarcity; every calorie was precious and had to be conserved. This meant doing as little as possible (just enough to survive) and as thinking burns 30% of blood glucose this meant we do as little thinking as possible.

For most people “thinking” is actually merely repeating the memes and soundbites they’ve been fed. Actual thinking is very rare and very difficult.

Social media merely enables us to discover a great many simplistic ideas that our brains can latch onto in preference over complex difficult-to-understand reality.

There is no fundamental solution to human simple-mindedness; it’s a hardwired condition we’re stuck with. But we can mitigate it, somewhat, by recognizing our limitations and trying to counter them at all stages of life and by all means possible. That, however, would first require us to accept our cognitive limitations and it’s unlikely to happen in our “everyone is equal, everyone has some kind of intelligence to be proud of” Politically Correct world.

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