You’re absolutely correct that there are classes of problem for which no viable solution exists. We’re so accustomed to self-help and the idea that, as per every Disney movie ever made, “adversity can be overcome eventually with enough love and enough effort.” But it’s totally untrue. Even in the ultra-spoiled, ultra-self-indulgent USA, there are many categories of problem for which no solution is possible. Understanding this can help achieve a more balanced view of the world rather than the overly-entitled default that US culture promulgates. When my two children were born (18 months apart) I took the role of primary care-giver while my then-wife sat back and disapproved of everything while being careful to do nearly nothing. I was running a startup company but fortunately was able to ensure that when I wasn’t home there was a competent nanny around; even so, it was draining to be awake all night and then at work all day; I survived for nearly two years on less than an hour of sleep per night which in the end left me far beyond chronically fatigued even with a strict regimen of self-administration (exercise, good food, supplements). Not surprisingly the marriage didn’t fare well….

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